Stop and close your eyes...


I'm laying here in the hospital about to welcome our second baby into this world! So many thoughts and emotions have ran through my mind today.... and everyday leading up to this point. Fear of the unknown, scared l won't have the strength, excited to meet my little one, my love for him is already overflowing and I can't wait to hold him in my arms! 
And I have Yahweh to thank for this moment in my life... we get so caught up in being fearful of the unknown and then fighting with our spouses about things we try and plan out and can't control that we end up overlooking the many blessings God has given us!  

My husband was playing a soft Christian song right before I started to push and I shut my eyes for just a second, yet it felt like time stood still..... and the tears flooded my eyes.... for those few seconds life was so real, so exciting, and so frightening and yet I was beyond grateful and just started thanking my Heavenly Father. Thanking him for my husband He blessed me with, the man I GET to do laundry for, the man I GET to cook for, the man who appreciates the House I GET to keep clean... even if some days I feel like all I did was wash dishes and pick up after our 18 month old! 
God showed me that family is one of the most important parts of life and every little thing we GET to do for each other is such a blessing! And we need to stop, close our eyes, even if it is for a few seconds and thank Him for EVERYTHING He has given us. 
“Thank you Yahweh our God who as blessed us and sustained us and allowed us to reach this moment in life.”

Love, Sophie