Vickie Howard, Hannah Howard, Sophie Owen and Eleah Howard. Four women realizing that life is a journey and filled with seasons.  In Genesis 28:10-19 there is the account of Jacob and the ladder. He dreams of the ascending and descending as The Lord speaks to him of great comfort.

We are sharing our ups and downs,our ins and outs and our joy and tears. To encourage and to edify is a calling that all believers should adhere to. But to truly accomplish that we need to listen and hear. The Hebrew word is Shema - Listen! We need to listen to one another and let our patience and understanding overflow. 

Life is a journey, a journey that each one of us takes not so different from one another yet often not so similar either. But within our journeys are little pieces of life that shape us and through the wisdom of God and His mercy and grace we emerge stronger than ever. 

My mother, Betty coined it Chips in the China. We all have chips,some of us just a few, and some of us are held together by gobs of glue, but we press on and keep going with Abba Father at our side...

No judgement, no condemnation - just life.